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Largest manufacturers of cable ties in terms of sizes and quantity (m/tones) in India.               Catered to more than 500 companies Globally.              Raw materials sourced from world’s renowned polymer companies like DuPont – USA and Rhodia.             Experience of over 35 years in engineering plastics business.

Q. 1
How to select Cable Tie Type?
• For indoor application, standard cable ties are used. For outdoor applications, ultraviolet (UV weather resistant) cable ties are advisable
• For Fire hazardous areas, public transport areas where safety is the main concern,  FR Ties are used
• For temperature applicable up to 130°C, Heat Stabilized cable ties are used
• Application where cable changes are anticipated or need frequent opening, reusable cable ties are used
• For corrosive climate conditions and temperature up to 538°C, Stainless Steel ties are used
Q. 2
How to decide on length and width for cable ties?
Knowing the bunching diameter and load, width of the cable tie can be decided.
Q. 3
What is the shelf life of Surelock's cable ties?
As far as cable ties are stocked within the desired temperature condition between -40°C to   85°C indoor, they  will not loose any property except that they might get little faded if the color is natural.
Q. 4
Why does the hardness of cable ties change?

Cable ties are generally made from Nylon-66 which absorbs and releases moisture based on environmental humidity. Cable ties are moisturized to achieve flexibility, but based on the humid condition in particular region cable ties absorb and release moisture that decides its hardness or softness.

Q. 5
How is the strength of cable ties checked?
The cable tie is generally checked on tensile strength machine which has a round spindle & once the machine starts after tying the cable tie on spindle diameter, it breaks at some point which determines its maximum strength. Generally all Surelock cable ties have 20 to 30% more tensile strength then the international standards and mentioned in the catalogue.
Q. 6
What temperatures Surelock's cable ties can withstand?
Except Heat Stabilized Ties which are used for temperature from -40°C to +130°C, all other varieties like Standard, UV Black, Fire Retardant can withstand -40°C to +85°C.
Q. 7
Whether Surelock's cable ties are lead free (ROHS) compliance?

Yes, Surelock manufactured cable ties are ROHS compliance i.e. lead free including raw material to finish products

Q. 8
Do Surelock's cable ties have any test reports?
Yes, Surelock cable ties are UL & DNV approved. Also have ROHS compliance certificate
Q. 9
Are there any special tools available for installing cable ties? How the same are to be ordered?
Various tools in plastic and metal are available for nylon 66 and steel ties with the function of tie tensioning and cutting. These tools are to be chosen on the basis of the width and raw material of cable ties. 
Q. 10
How to order Surelock's cable ties?
Each size has standard packing bag unit, i.e. K=1000 Pcs/Bag and Pkt. =100 pcs / bag, Also size wise minimum carton quantity can be ordered.
Q. 11
What would be the delivery time?
All standard varieties of cable ties depicted in Surelock catalogues are available ex-stock, with a maximum delivery period of 2 weeks.

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